Learn Strategies On How To Play And Generate Clash Royale Free Gems

There are a number of paths in clash royale when it to achieving success. Knowing the right strategies will decide whether you will come out victorious or suffer defeat. Gems play a huge role in the game, which is why we have created this guide to help gamers with a few strategies and to teach them how to use the hack tool to generate unlimited clash royale free gems.

Tactics and Strategies

Here are some hints to help you get the best gaming experience:

– Wait till the elixir meter gets full before playing your cards

– Shield your ranged troops using strong combat units

– Claim your victory. If you’ve destroyed an enemy tower, then you are at an advantage. You will be able to respond to enemy attacks well. Focus on tower destruction when you are on the defensive.

– If it looks like one of your towers is going to be destroyed, send troops to the enemy turret.

– Note that your towers can hold their own against many opponents. Take for example, if weak goblins attack you from the goblin hut, you don’t need to get a fighter to defend you. Your tower may suffer some damage but it is going to withstand the attack.

– Units that can quickly destroy towers, including knights and giants are troublesome but other combat units are more superior than them. It is wise to draw them off the tower and put a blockade in their way (a leprechaun cottage).

– Ensure you use the taunts very well. They appear in the chat bubble just at the bottom screen.

Generate Clash Royale Free Gems With the Hack Tool

Enjoying the benefits of the hack tool is easy. It can get you a number of resources to progress in the game especially generating unlimited clash royale free gems. How to activate it:

– Type your Clash Royale username

– Pick your device type

– Select the amount of gems or any other resources you want

After following the above steps click on generate button to get your desired amount of clash royale free gems.